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Starting with an existing home layout, I created an addition.  The addition is offset and to the rear of the existing home.  The existing home had a full gable roof with a side gable.  When I generate the side gable, the system places the "existing" ridge off center because of the addition.  This creates an extended rafter.  In other words, I would like to keep the ridge centered so the "new" roof will be built on the existing.  The gable in question is over the Master Bath.

Renovation - Option 4.plan

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I downloaded your plan but I need to know a couple of things:


What software do you have that you used to create this plan?


It is not obvious to me what is the addition and what is the "as-built" part of the house?


Once I know those two datums, I can the offer a cogent response for you.



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Thanks Jo Ann.  That looks good.  However, I should have explained the issue better.  The existing home was constructed with a gable roof running across the back (top to bottom based on the layout).  Another (not relevant) gable was extended off that one running to the front of the house (to the left on the layout).   To keep cost down, we would want to "over" build the roof for the new addition onto the existing roof.  As David said, we could modify the footprint of the addition, but set backs and other constraints come into play.  Just for chuckles, I attached a couple of pics of the existing.  With the Master Bedroom proud of the main house, the roof lines become a little convoluted.  The opposite side isn't and issue since in sets in.  Think it is just a limitation of the HD Suite version.  Given that I and new with the software, it would be nice if we could layout the existing house and "freeze" the roof.  The addition could then be built on the existing.  Based on David's vid -- looks like PRO can accomplish this.  May I wrong, but thanks for any suggestions.



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Try this.

It might not be exactly what you want, but I think it is closer.


BEGIN by dragging the wall specified, to the opposite side of the room.  This shows you where to place the wall break.

Designate the wall specified (to the right) as 'full gable'.   You can then return the dragged wall back to where it was originally.
Set the side walls of the front room to 7.5" pitch (this slightly lowers that front room roof).

Drag back the wall connections in the remodel (as shown)  so that the entire area can be selected as ONE room  (this
way you won't lose any doors or rooms).  
Change the finished ceiling height as specified.
Set the north wall (specified) as 6" pitch.

I hope the roof that it builds is more acceptable.  I couldn't make it behave any better.

When you are done building the roof,  THEN (and ONLY then) turn off auto build roof.
You can then raise the ceiling height back up, and re-connect all the walls.  :)



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