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Is there any way to show the existing home on an addition in Home Designer?

We have an addition going onto an existing home, and would like to show the extent of the addition.  I don't want the walls to show in elevation since they will be removed , but do want them on the plan to show the extent of the addition.

Is the easiest way to create a new wall and just change the colours, then erase when you generate the elevations?

This is what was done using softplan, but we never generated a 3d plan, only used it for plans.

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Hi David and Sandra,

Thanks for the tips on showing existing vs proposed plans.  In my case I'm designing a complete new addition to the house and also making modifications in the existing layout (walls and new roof planes to connect to the addition).  I'm using Home Designer Pro 2022 and wondering if it's possible to show project material list and associated costs for the proposed addition to the existing plan.  I've read some threads that suggest adding the addition then deleting the existing structure from the plan? This seems like a brute force method so I'm wondering if there are other ways to achieve this objective.



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