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  1. Thanks everyone for your input. I did try using the "break wall" feature but things just snap back together regardless. I like the solution from Gary, I will try that next. I also hope that this will allow the wall framing to butt against the posts for a more accurate framing detail.
  2. Initially, I created a new wall definition using the default "exterior wall" as my starting point. This seems to have lead to the auto-snapping issues. I re-created my walls using the default "interior wall" and this seems to work better as these walls don't seem to auto snap together. I would still like to know if the auto-snaping of walls can be disabled.
  3. Hello, I'm designing a pole barn and I'm drawing walls in between the poles. I would like to have the walls independent but they keep joining together when I align them. Is there a way to disable this auto joining of walls? Here the walls don't auto connect because one of the walls is not at 90 degrees. I suppose I could leave it like this as a work around. Here the walls auto-connect when I fix the off angle to 90 degrees: Thanks for your help.
  4. Hello, I'm designing a pole barn with metal roof and walls. Just wondering if Home Designer Pro 2023 can auto generate to purlins/girts framing for the roof and walls with metal sheet cladding? I'm also wondering if the inner walls can also be auto generated with horizontal 2x6 boards affixed to the main poles? Thanks Marc
  5. Hi David and Sandra, Thanks for the tips on showing existing vs proposed plans. In my case I'm designing a complete new addition to the house and also making modifications in the existing layout (walls and new roof planes to connect to the addition). I'm using Home Designer Pro 2022 and wondering if it's possible to show project material list and associated costs for the proposed addition to the existing plan. I've read some threads that suggest adding the addition then deleting the existing structure from the plan? This seems like a brute force method so I'm wondering if there are other ways to achieve this objective. Marc