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I just bought Home designer Architectural 2015 and was really enjoying it...until I tried to make a split level (tri-level - one side has basement and other crawl space) home.  I have found the instructions for the PRO version but nothing else. 


Is there anyway for me to make this type of design using the Architectural version? 


Any help will be appreciated because the main reason for buying this program was to begin a project on our 1980's split level house and I hate to think I just wasted my money.

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Need to see how this is done. I hope it will help me with a project where th garage floor is 42" below the main house floor, but separated by a breezeway.  The roof is connected to the house and garage and breezeway.

My main problem is not being able to set the different elevations for the floors of the house, breezeway and garage. All 3 are different, with the breezeway slab 40" lower than the house, and garage slab another 15" lower. 



Mark Hunter


hammeruhunter@gmail.com802 Sherman ADU plan 3-2-19.plan

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