GPU minimum requirements for HD2022


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Just updated to HD2022 from 2020. Program tells me my Graphic "card" is not capable of 3D rendering. The card has the latest drivers and cannot be replaced because it is soldered to the Dell motherboard. Time to buy a PCE-I GPU to fit my SFF Dell Optiplex. The question is - what are the minimum GPU requirements to be able to view 3D content. I do not need the latest whiz bang gaming card and certainly ain't about to pay $1000 bucks for one. Does anyone have a Nvidia 1050TI 4G in use or how about a GTX 1650 4G? These under $200 retail cards are now selling for $250 to $350 due to shortages so i don't really want to pop for one just to find it won't do the job.

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