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Hi all, hoping someone could please point me in the right direction as how I can accomplish this roof.


Unfortunately, these are the only images I have to work from, so some guess work is required with pitches etc.



Any help would be very much appreciated.


Thanks in advance






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Thanks Eric, 


When I auto build I cant seem to get this pitch/height without the roof disconnecting from the main roof.


Probably very simple, yet I cant seem to get my head around it.


Thanks very much for any help you can offer.


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No idea what you have circled.


An image or 2 showing your best effort will help others help you, and attaching a simple plan will also be helpful.


Drawn quickly using auto roofs without trying to duplicate dimensions or pitch. Manual roofs would be simple too.




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The autoroof builder tool is a pre-programmed mechanical device with limited ability to"figure" some things out, that is where YOU have to step in and manually manipulate what the autoroof tool has produced and guide it to an acceptable result. It is a harsh truth but it also  THE TRUTH. Now is the time for you to start learning your manual roof tools and take it beyond what a mechanical device can do.



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