Combining terrain plan and house plan


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I have 2 plans: one is a land plan with elevations picked from google earth, heights and drains , etc. And i have a house plan that I made separately (my computer wouldn't be able to handle such big terrain , trees, plus house and all its details).
Is there any way to combine them? Land plan and house plan. 
I tried to export, but if i export a house to the land plan,   all floors are shown as one (first) floor and 3d view is not showing the imported house plan at all. 
I then tried to export a land plan and import it to the house plan, I see the house but i can't get a 3d view.
Why i need it? I wanted to try to put house into the different parts of the lot, see what the view will be, plan the landscape for different possible house locations and finally make a choice :)

Home Designer Pro 2019, build

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