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  1. Thank you sir. I simply didn't understand how to manipulate the program to accomplish what I wanted.
  2. TheAddition with terrain.planis attached. Appreciate any help I can get. Addition with terrain.plan
  3. Added the software I'm using and still need help.
  4. I'm in an area where I can do my own plumbing. I just wanted to let the foundation & excavation guys know where the plumbing was going.
  5. Somehow in changing things the floor structure between the top of the stem wall and the floor disappeared. See attached. When I do a camera view there's nothing between the floor and the foundation. How do I fix this? I tried to delete and redrawing a wall and it didn't change. The structure still indicates there's a "Floor structure of 12 5/8".
  6. Thanx for the reply. Should I put the sewer lines in the foundation view? I designed my last house with a drafting board, ruler and and T square. It was simpler that this program and much more simple to adapt. Somewhere in my travels I lost those tools.
  7. Also where would I put sewer lines; In the foundation drawings?
  8. How do I include plumbing lines in my plans? Doing an addition and I want to show that gray water goes to a seperat drain field while the toilet connrctes to the existing septic tank. Do I have to use CAD to show it? FYI it's because I have a high water table and don't want to overwhelm the existing septic system with excessive water.
  9. Looking for the same thing. Should I just put a note on the plans for the builder as to where to locate the wall mounted garage opener buttons?
  10. After I exited the program and went back in it worked.
  11. Me too kind of; I have a house plan and a land plan. How do I combine them. I probably should have started with the land then built the house.
  12. I imported this to my HD Archetict 2021 and when I try to use it I get: "The selected library object cannot be used in this product version."