Floor/ Ceiling default height issues on 2nd building in plan


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Good Evening, 


I am designing a pole building off the back of a small house.  It needs to butt up to the main structure.  I used KB-01069 to aid in design, however, I am having an issue with the pole structure taking on the floor ceiling heights of the main building even though it was created with different settings. If you open up each dialog box for walls etc, the heights say one thing but the plan itself shows something different.

The poles are to be 10' above grade and -54" below grade.

I need to place trusses on each side of the posts & the roof to rest on the trusses.

The siding will need the girts and I created a new siding and named it pole barn to accommodate for these. 

The floor will be none or gravel if I am able to use that.

I have watched videos and read the manual and I am still missing something. 



Hope this makes sense. 


Thank you,


Floor ceiling issue 7.8.JPG

Plan 7.8 w pole barn attached.plan

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  • PattyS68 changed the title to Floor/ Ceiling default height issues on 2nd building in plan

@solver  Thank you so much for the fantastic video :) 

I could not for the life of me figure out how to fix the siding for my energy trusses. Also I appreciate the camera tip as well. 

I will work on this pole barn and see if I can get the trusses to rest on the top plate next to the posts so I can add purlins etc. 

That may be a new post ;) 


Have a great evening and thank you once again!

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