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Trying to recreate an existing roof. The ridge line is off center on the garage and rear gable. The front is a hip and has a crazy connection. Any advice would be great. I am attaching a satellite view of the roof. Along with a front view. Seems like every time I adjust the roof plane, it throws something else off. Thanks in advance for any help.


Laurie Imes

Home Designer Pro 2021

Screenshot 2021-06-21 16.24.29.png


Untitled 1.jpg

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Whether "auto" or manual, the roof plane tool sets the height of roof plans BY the ceiling height settings in your room specification dialog and Default Settings - Floors and Rooms - Level One - Finished Ceiling Height".




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That roof can easily be auto-roof built.   Like DJP mentioned, pay attention to ceiling heights, and also to the way the rooms are situated.

When the roof is correct, you can turn OFF auto build roof, and change ceiling heights and walls within the building, to what they are supposed to be.

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