Widen Structure By 1' From Exact Center


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I have a rectangular structure.  This is what I think is a simple question regardless of if this is possible or not. ***EDIT***  A better way to describe what I want to do is this...I want to INSERT one foot into the exact center of the structure (north to south).  Kind of like inserting a blank column into excel.


I want to widen the entire home down the center by 1 foot.  Is there a way to do this directly down the center and keep everything else the same.  It appears the only way I can see is by clicking one of the north or south walls, and then changing the length.  This moves east and west exterior walls both equally if I choose the double arrow option.  But then I have to move everything else in the house manually.  See my file attached below.  I'm basically trying to widen the hallway by one foot, by adding one foot in the exact center of the home.  I want the entire structure to also widen and do not want to change any interior walls.


I don't care about having to rebuild or remove the fireplace and front door to do this, since the rest in the center of the home.  That's far less work than moving everything in the structure.


I'm using Pro 2021.


Thanks in advance.





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I know using North/South makes sense, but we have now way of knowing which is North. 


Use Edit Area (All Floors).


Trace one of the roof planes with a Rectangular Polyline.


Select the Polyline.


Invoke Edit Area -- it will use the polyline as your selection.


Use Transform/Replicate to move the selection.



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I will reference this if I need to do this again, however; after two hours of adjusting the entire left side of the structure, along with roof planes using tools and methods I have learned from the first thread I started I am finally there.


Thank you for the help.


Problem solved.

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