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  1. Eric, I will reference this if I need to do this again, however; after two hours of adjusting the entire left side of the structure, along with roof planes using tools and methods I have learned from the first thread I started I am finally there. Thank you for the help. Problem solved.
  2. I have a rectangular structure. This is what I think is a simple question regardless of if this is possible or not. ***EDIT*** A better way to describe what I want to do is this...I want to INSERT one foot into the exact center of the structure (north to south). Kind of like inserting a blank column into excel. I want to widen the entire home down the center by 1 foot. Is there a way to do this directly down the center and keep everything else the same. It appears the only way I can see is by clicking one of the north or south walls, and then changing the length. This moves e
  3. Can I mark this a solved question? Or could a moderator do this for me. Thank you all for the help!
  4. Eric, Thank you for the advice. All points taken and will follow those guidelines moving forward when I have questions (hopefully not too many). A-Frame.plan
  5. I'm looking to do exactly what David did. I learned quite a bit from his video. I wasn't aware of the manual roof line tool. I immediately understood the concept and am just getting used to using break tools, but for some reason I'm getting very weird walls forming on the second story once I cut to roof back past the door sill. I'll share screenshots, see image 5. I overcame this by converting the wall to an attic wall. I hope that doesn't mess anything else up in the future. I'm not sure what making it an attic wall really does. More information on my home... 32'x50'
  6. Solver, Thank you for the tip on the "Signature". I put that info in the post but clearly the signature is something that standard that there is probably a sticky thread on that I wasn't conscious of. That's fixed. Thank You. I am reviewing David's video currently.
  7. I've got maybe 100 hours with CA and consider myself very new to this even though I feel I've learned a lot of tricks through the forum and videos. Recently, I upgraded to Pro (2021) because my wife and I are becoming more serious on building the long time dream. I've used many discussions on the forums and Chief videos to get me this far and have learned a ton but am completely stumped on how to build a dormer side entrance on my A-Frame. I'm afraid the answer will be that I need the highest version of CA to accomplish this (polyline roof delete tool) due to the natur