Can I rotate an imported DWG file?


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Hi...I think I did things backwards and I hope someone can help me. 
When I got Home Designer a couple of years ago, I just jumped right into not knowing there were so many online tutorials online, or even this forum. I laid out my foundation, designed the floor plan, and everything is coming out better than I thought! I loved this program. Certainly a learn by doing experience, that's for sure.

Recently, I obtained the CAD Files (DWG and DXF) of my property that was done by an engineering company who did a survey for another project that fell through. 
I imported the CAD files, and I was blown away by it showing the elevations, location of fencing, trees, etc...pretty cool. But now the problem is that my house isn't orientated in the right location in relationship to the imported CAD information. There is even a part of the house that is "buried" into a sloped hillside. 
I can't rotate the house, so somehow I'd like to rotate and move the CAD information...but that was imported with the survey/GPS not sure how I can change this. 
Any suggestions?

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If your plan already contains HD Pro walls, windows, doors and roofs, then you should open "Display Options" and check "Lock" for all visible layers. When you import an AutoCAD .dwg, it will be found on the "CAD , Default" layer. When you temporarily "lock" layers they then become un-selectable. The point is to lock the layers of your structure FIRST before trying to "marquee select" and then rotate-move it to its proper orientation to what you have already created. Once you have the .dwg properly located, then lock the "CAD, Default" layer and unlock the layers of your existing structure to then continue with what your imported it for.



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