Framing generation oddity

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I've been playing around with this for hours now. One particular room in my project seems to be having issues with wall framing generation. Auto-build framing is on, but whenever I move windows around in this wall, the framing doesn't update. It also doesn't complain if I delete framing members. And the openings are now wrong as per the attached screenshot. The rest of the project framing seems to be working as expected.


Is this something people have come across?




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1 minute ago, Andy_C said:

I can't upload the file, as it's 35MB... Can see if I can reduce it... Is that what you need?


That's what I need. Try zipping it after you have removed plants, furniture, cars etc.

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Hey Eric,. sorry for the late reply. Thanks so much for pulling that together for me. I'll have a go at re-building the walls. Hopefully that will also work for the weird gable framing. Will also take note of your tips - thanks! :)

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