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    Framing References & changing primary walls

    Genius thank you!
  2. Hi there, I hope this is simple but I can't figure it out. I want to change which wall on my design has the primary outer stud. I've played around with reference markers etc, but can't sort this out. I want the framing to reflect what I'll actually build (I assume most people want that?). I've attached a picture. Home Designer Pro is choosing the left wall as the 'outer framing wall'; whereas I want it to be the top wall. Help?
  3. Andy_C

    Multiple Gable slopes - no wall framing?

    Guys thanks for the quick responses. Have changed my signature, and think I can make it work with those suggestions I'll be back if not!
  4. Hi guys, brand new here. I've got Home Designer pro 2021, as I'm doing some self-builds (albeit small). My design is fairly basic in principle but I'm really struggling to get Home Designer pro to handle my two gable roof slopes, It doesn't seem to want to put a wall in-between them. I've tried dormers, but they don't go to the edge of the building (which I need), and I've tried manual / auto roof etc; I think I'm missing something simple?