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  1. Andy_C

    Shed roof huge birdsmouth

    Hi again, I don't suppose you figured it out? I'm still really struggling with these birds mouths - the walls eat too much into the rafter; help?
  2. Andy_C

    Shed roof huge birdsmouth

    Hi Eric, that seems to just leave the wall exactly where it is and cut the rafter. I need the wall to intrude less on the rafter. Attached plan, thanks in advance Kinbasket Services Bldg.plan
  3. Andy_C

    Shed roof huge birdsmouth

    Hey Eric, How is the attached? As I say, I've tried editing the roof slope, heights etc, and it just moves the wall to retain the significant birds mouth. I just want that notch to be much smaller, and therefore the gable wall framing would also reach the height of that central wall. Andy
  4. Andy_C

    Shed roof huge birdsmouth

    Hi guys, hopefully a quick one, but I've scoured and scoured for the answer and can't find it. Probably missing something obvious. Designing a shop, so the space is defined by exterior walls, and a central interior wall. The shed roof on the right hand side (see image) rafters are being cut into way too much, and the supporting interior wall just adjusts its height to keep that birds mouth enormous no matter what I do. Turning auto-birdsmouths off doesn't seem to help either. The inner wall is a High Shed wall, and outer wall is a knee wall. Interior ceilings all set to low, but rooms don't have ceiling. All rooms set to 'Roof above this room'. I just want the gable wall slope to reach the top of the central interior wall, and for rafters to sit on top... So the birds mouth would then be reasonable. Help please?
  5. Andy_C

    Rafter Birdsmouths - odd behaviour

    That's somewhat frustrating... I watched all the roof tutorials and could not figure this out. Do I simply auto-build one roof... Then re-size that so it's out of the way, then auto-build another roof?
  6. Andy_C

    Rafter Birdsmouths - odd behaviour

    Hey again, The auto-built roof just does a single slope across the full length of the building. I couldn't get it to create two separate slopes for different sections... I'm probably missing something?
  7. Andy_C

    Rafter Birdsmouths - odd behaviour

    Hey, thank you for this. I'll play around with the baseline. I didn't pro-actively draw a baseline in - but I must have moved it inadvertently at some point. With the Birdsmouth vs. Flat cut - what's causing that? The steeper roof timbers do have birdsmouths in if you zoom. Thanks so much for your time
  8. Andy_C

    Rafter Birdsmouths - odd behaviour

    Hi guys, thanks please find attached the plan. The rafters run in the right direction; just a perspective thing in the image I guess. PassivHaus 16 x 40 - C.plan
  9. Andy_C

    Rafter Birdsmouths - odd behaviour

    Hi there, hopefully a simple question... But I can't get my roof framing to generate sensible birds mouths. They are on top of the top plates, rather than flush with them. See attached. This is one of two gable roof planes. The other is fine, but I can't get this one to build properly. Is there a simple setting I'm missing? I've tried adjusting wall, ceiling heights, removing attic walls etc; changing the room settings. Help?
  10. Andy_C

    Framing References & changing primary walls

    Genius thank you!
  11. Hi there, I hope this is simple but I can't figure it out. I want to change which wall on my design has the primary outer stud. I've played around with reference markers etc, but can't sort this out. I want the framing to reflect what I'll actually build (I assume most people want that?). I've attached a picture. Home Designer Pro is choosing the left wall as the 'outer framing wall'; whereas I want it to be the top wall. Help?
  12. Andy_C

    Multiple Gable slopes - no wall framing?

    Guys thanks for the quick responses. Have changed my signature, and think I can make it work with those suggestions I'll be back if not!
  13. Hi guys, brand new here. I've got Home Designer pro 2021, as I'm doing some self-builds (albeit small). My design is fairly basic in principle but I'm really struggling to get Home Designer pro to handle my two gable roof slopes, It doesn't seem to want to put a wall in-between them. I've tried dormers, but they don't go to the edge of the building (which I need), and I've tried manual / auto roof etc; I think I'm missing something simple?