'Convert Polyline' is Unavailable in Elevation View

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I am using Home Designer Pro 2019 and I am following a knowledge base tutorial titled "Creating a Custom Door Symbol", in an attempt to create a custom garage door. The steps are performed in elevation view but when it says to Convert Polyline (right-click to the menu) that option does not exist. I can however create and convert a polyline in the normal plan view, which I have done for some concrete porch work. Is this feature unavailable in Home Designer Pro? The root of my problem is I am trying to add modern style garage doors with the lites placed vertically. I have downloaded the Clopay library and it includes the door design I am after, however it offers only one option and that is with the lites on the right. I want to see how it looks with lights on the left.

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Please take a minute and delete the thread on ChiefTalk.



7 minutes ago, JBacon said:

tutorial titled "Creating a Custom Door Symbol"


Make sure you are looking at Home Designer articles/videos and not Chief articles/videos. The Home Designer site is blue themed. 


Home Designer products lack the ability to create symbols.


Depending on what your door needs to look like there may be ways to create it, but it would not be a door symbol, so you would place a doorway, then manually place the door in the opening.

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