Floor Sticking Through Wall


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Home Designer Suite 2015, Windows 8.1




My husband and I are designing our next home and I have a couple of problems that I am hoping someone can help me with.


1) I appear to have floors coming through exterior walls. They show as a wooden line on the wall of render.


2) Another problem is that when I build the roof I get 2 roofs at ground level. On the 0 Level they look like rooms but I can't select them to remove them or change the location. I don't know how they got there but when I altered the Display Options it seems to be made up of roof only. Very Weird. I guess there is a base there somewhere but I don't know how I created it or how to remove it or, for that matter, where it is.


Any advice would be gratefully received.





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The auto-build roof tool does just that, it will build a roof over ANY enclosed space on ANY floor unless you specifically program that space not to have a roof. So if your foundation walls are not aligned with the first floor walls you get a roof system on the ground over such wall mismatches. Align your walls, floor to floor and then that "feature" will handle itself.


I cannot comment on problem number one since I do not see it in your posted image, can you be a little more specific please?





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