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  1. Hi David, Many thanks for the prompt reply. We live in France and the SIPS suppliers are in England so we have to supply all the plans. Bit of a fiasco but we have been unable to find someone over here to provide what we require. As I said, many thanks for the help. Kind regards Deborah
  2. Home Designer Architectural 2017 Build Windows 10 Hi, I am building two large extensions using SIPS (Structurally Insulated Panel System) and need to send specific plans to the SIPS producers. Basically I need prints showing side views of each wall showing the exact positions of the windows ie showing external dimensions including door and window labels and positions on a side view. Can anyone tell me if this is possible please or do I need to get out the ruler and pencil ? Kind regards Deborah
  3. Mmmm ! I am surprised this facility isn't available yet but, I will try the add light source as you suggest. Are there any floor lights which can point up a post or decorative stone wall ? I have had trouble putting spot lights on the floor.
  4. Hello, Firstly many thanks for reading this for me, I am creating a kitchen with subtle lighting on the toe kicks of the kitchen units. I am planning led of course but cannot find any led lighting strips that I can position on the units. Actually I cant fine led lighting strips anywhere. If they are in a separate lighting library catalogue I would be more than happy to buy one if I knew which to choose. Any help gratefully received.
  5. Many thanks for all your help but I think it wasn't the terrain but the 3d backdrop I was talking about. Sorry all this technotalk is doing me in. I have decided to just remove the backdrop and use my imagination instead. Cheers Debby
  6. Sorry to seem daft but how do I do that, I probably did everything in the wrong order to start with - I simply started with the house not the terrain. Am I going to have to start again with the terrain first ?
  7. Sorry to seem daft but how do I do that, I probably did everything in the wrong order to start with - I simply started with the house not the terrain. Am I going to have to start again with the terrain first ?
  8. Hi, This is probably really simple but it seems to have baffled me, I have a nice plan but when I view it with a camera it floats on top of the landscape. How can I anchor the bungalow to the landscape ? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Debby Home Designer Architectural 2017 Windows 10
  9. I am trying to create an indoor corridor with an arched ceiling. This will not follow the roof line. Can this be done in Home Designer Suite 2015 ? Is it possible in any other package, if so which one/s ? Any advice would be gratefully received. Many thanks for taking the time to read this.
  10. Home Designer Suite 2015, Windows 8.1 Hi, My husband and I are designing our next home and I have a couple of problems that I am hoping someone can help me with. 1) I appear to have floors coming through exterior walls. They show as a wooden line on the wall of render. 2) Another problem is that when I build the roof I get 2 roofs at ground level. On the 0 Level they look like rooms but I can't select them to remove them or change the location. I don't know how they got there but when I altered the Display Options it seems to be made up of roof only. Very Weird. I guess there is a base there somewhere but I don't know how I created it or how to remove it or, for that matter, where it is. Any advice would be gratefully received. Regards Debby
  11. I don't believe this. I have spent the last 2 weeks trying to sort this out. I post this topic, open HD and voila I sort it. Sorry for wasting the time of this post.
  12. Hi Everyone, I am using Home Designer Suite 2015. My husband and I are planning a renovation and rebuild with extensions over here in SW France. I am trying to create the proposed final property on Home Designer but have reached a problem relating to the roofs. The original building was built in 1815 and is considerably higher than the joining barn. The original building has a totally separate roof with a different pitch, shape and style to the barn section. I am able to create the roof for the barn section and the 2 extensions (see attached plan) but as soon as I try to join the new building to the old Home Designer redesigns the whole roof. The barn roof sits alongside the wall of the original building and the roofs do not touch. I have attached the architect roof plans (PAGE 2) and my Home Designer Plan. Can anyone advise ? 02 3930 140814 PC MASSE COUPE x11C.pdf PB-141220-Help.plan