Slab on grade w/ stem wall

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My foundation (see attached image) is a 4" slab on grade with a 1'-6" deep turned down stem wall. My sill plate is a PT 4x6 so I can get 3 1/2" of insulation to obtain the R requirement. The 3/4" subfloor will sit on top of this and would be the floor level with the finish floor allowance on top. I cannot figure out how to do this in the settings. If I set the slab at the top of the stem wall there is no way to make the subfloor which is 4 1/4" above it the floor. I want the sill plate sitting on the stem wall. I've tried making the slab 8 1/4" to account for the insulation and plywood subfloor then set it 4 1/4" above SWT but the program seems to not like that and increases the stem wall depth. I'm trying to adjust this in the defaults. Any suggestions?

2021-03-29 (2).png

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I'm not clear on your structure, but you may need an additional floor.


Floor 1 has the slab and is 0" high, and Floor 0 the foundation below.


Floor 2 is the raised floor with insulation, subfloor and finish floor.



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