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  1. CCarpenter


    Is there anyway to the layer to which an object is assigned? I have some items in a plan that are on the same layers. When creating a layout sheet there are some items on that layer I want to stay on and others I don't. Thanks!
  2. Ahhh! Yes! That should work. Thanks!
  3. My foundation (see attached image) is a 4" slab on grade with a 1'-6" deep turned down stem wall. My sill plate is a PT 4x6 so I can get 3 1/2" of insulation to obtain the R requirement. The 3/4" subfloor will sit on top of this and would be the floor level with the finish floor allowance on top. I cannot figure out how to do this in the settings. If I set the slab at the top of the stem wall there is no way to make the subfloor which is 4 1/4" above it the floor. I want the sill plate sitting on the stem wall. I've tried making the slab 8 1/4" to account for the insulation and plywood subfloo
  4. AW! Such an easy fix! Thank you!
  5. I'm working on a log cabin. The exterior wall has a 3' pony wall that is stone veneer on stud wall back-up and vertical logs above it. This is a change to how I originally built the model which was a poured concrete pony wall with stone veneer that was 54" above the floor with the vertical logs on top. With the revisions I also added a foundation wall to create a crawlspace. When I changed the wall type and reduced the height the interior rooms went away and now there is just a polyline called exterior room for the whole structure. What am I doing wrong? I'm attaching the current model with t
  6. I've been working on a 2 story model already sited on a terrain perimeter with elevations. I would like to move it to another location on the site. If I drag my mouse over the 1st floor plan - which is also where the terrain info exists, it only captures the 1st floor and leaves the 2nd floor behind. What's the best way to move this house in its entirety? Thanks!
  7. Drop & drag worked. Thanks!
  8. open = double click It does not install in Pro by double clicking on it. I will try the other method. The point being I have installed at least 12 other catalogs previously without issues all using the same method and these are not working.
  9. I've not had any problems with downloading library content in the past but recently I've purchased a few catalogs and after downloading when I try to open the file (and yes I've chosen the correct version - X12/ 2021) to bring into my software a new blank Home Designer Pro 2020 "page" opens and that's all. I've tried closing out and rebooting and that hasn't helped. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  10. Yeah, that looks nice. It's just Chief Architect is a more than I can justify for how I use it. However, that said, the amount of time I have spent trying to figure out workarounds...
  11. Ok, thank you. Angles, other than 90 degrees, are like an inherent part of architecture & building. It would be helpful to have the ability to create and work with them in 3D.
  12. CCarpenter

    Angles & Trim

    I am working with "log post 1" or a cylinder shape or "8" single log piece" any will do. I am trying to make a 45 degree brace as well as some angled pergola pieces @ +/-30 degrees. How can I place these pieces at an angle. Also, I would like to add a 1x5 trim board to the roof fascia boards, how can I do that? I could make the piece out of a shape or even use CA-001 but, again how can I place it an an angle? The shape handles don't allow for this (rotating just distorts the shape) and there is nothing in the Specification box for angles. Thanks.
  13. CCarpenter

    Log Cabin

    I was using the log siding to create a wall and not trying to make it a log. However, I was trying to get the height and number of logs in a wall to display correctly i.e.: # of existing logs in the wall and that is why I was trying to change the height. Are you suggesting I build the cabin out of these log pieces? Would I be able to insert doors and windows? Under log pieces I seem to only have 8" logs but, I see I have the ability to modify the size.
  14. CCarpenter

    Log Cabin

    I was using Log Siding 1 and trying to modify that. Here are a few photos of the cabin. One part is different than the other