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Hello everyone--

I have been spending hours designing a set of windows that I would like to save as a 3D object in my library so I don't have to constantly create the window every time I use it. 

Is that possible? I have seen people import things from "SketchUp" but I have been working in the HDPro program itself. I have included a picture of the window...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Erich Kaiser

Home Design Pro 2021 for MAC



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When I do that, it only saves the "base" window...not the component pieces I have added. For instance, in the pictured window of my original post, the vertical muntins as well as the "center" horizontal muntin have been physically added by me. When I save it to the library, it saves as this...see attached pic.


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Home Designer lacks the options to do what you want.


You might experiment with settings in the window dialog.



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