Problem creating different wall zones on upper level, wall break not working

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Hi folks, I'm using Home Designer Pro 2021, I know how to make wall breaks but the upper portion of the wall will not break into two different rooms.  I also went to the attic level and added a wall break there.  I am just trying to change the wall paint color. This should be easy.  I am wondering if it is a framing issue?  See attached two different rooms. If I change the color, it changes in the other room. How do I cut this zone into two.  I have wall breaks.  Thank you very much


Great room.jpg

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6 minutes ago, MarcBldgTechExpt said:

How do I cut this zone into two.


No idea what "zone" you are referring to, or what walls, or where on the walls you want to change the color.


Have you looked at Wall Coverings, or considered a Custom Backsplash -- make it a single layer of drywall and set it to Cut Finish Layers.

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