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  1. Hi folks, I'm using Home Designer Pro 2021, I know how to make wall breaks but the upper portion of the wall will not break into two different rooms. I also went to the attic level and added a wall break there. I am just trying to change the wall paint color. This should be easy. I am wondering if it is a framing issue? See attached two different rooms. If I change the color, it changes in the other room. How do I cut this zone into two. I have wall breaks. Thank you very much
  2. David, thanks for the feedback. I have been experimenting with this for several months on a limited basis. Actually, its not having a lack of confidence of the carpenter, but I wanted to bid out the structural framing and shell, then will finish the inside myself. You have a great point though.
  3. I have Home Designer Pro and thought it would be useful to designate interior walls that are structural from non-structural walls so that I can have layout sheets for the builder to make it very easy which walls need to be completed before installing roof rafters on a large shed roof. Any tips to have certain walls show in a layer and to hide others without making another file and deleting them? Thank you
  4. Eric, I fully agree, my original intent was to just get the macro design down using the Suite program, then turn it over to a drafter with my architectural details so they could finish it. I don’t mind upgrading to Architectural since it has more features too. For example I will have short concrete pony walls in part of the basement. I don’t need to show that because it doesn’t really change the look of it. However, if there is a decent chance of getting the final plans finished with Pro then I can justify getting it and doing it as a hobby. I do building research as my profession but this is my future home project. There are lots of resources available but I have to say that just doing simple things on my own has been long and arduous. So the challenge is that Pro is much more powerful, but getting plans ready for code approval and contractor bidding is so much of a higher bar than showing my wife and colleagues what it will look like and to choose a variety of architectural options, along with associated energy performance and cost. You have been very helpful. Do you think turning over 90% completed/accurate plans via a file to an expert would be significantly cheaper to complete, or just getting involved in any type residential project is going to have basic upfront cost its not worth the trouble. Thank you again! Marc
  5. Eric, my design process will go on for at least a year and I want to conduct an architectural, envelope and mechanical design charrette among national experts showing a variety of options. So renting is an affordable option but not best for my situation. So you agree that to manipulate a basic salt box type roof without Pro is really not viable, that is disappointing. Do you think the DIY program Pro is really sufficient to do all the plans I need for a geometrically simple house design but with innovative wall layers, interfaces, and advanced framing? I also think/hope that if I get pretty close in Pro, I could turn over the file to an expert to finish up with much lower cost than having a draftsman do the whole thing from scratch. Thank you very much for your help.
  6. Hi Folks, I’m a complete rookie at this type of program. I’ve been experimenting using Suite for four months on one house design. I’ve put a lot of time into my design so want to modify It rather than starting from scratch. I’ve tried using the recommended info in the knowledge base and it’s clunky and really not that repeatable. I’m considering upgrading to the next level up (Architectural) but it’s not clear that version will solve it. Pro may do it but that is a lot of money for a rookie doing just one house. If I was confident to be able to print construction drawings from Pro then I would consider it. Do people routinely use Pro to get plans code approved, bid by builders, and constructed, or only in the full Chief Architect program. I have the structural engineering down, just not the drafting ability. I will have very advanced framing not widely used. It will be a zero energy home. I currently have a 36’ shed roof with a 2/12 pitch. I want to convert it to a gable with the back side starting at 9’ high going up at 3/12, then coming down at 5/12 to the wall that would be approximately 11’4”. I tried making a simple new house with a small invisible room near the high side and then changed the ceiling heights, it worked but not consistently and not really at all in my current more complex design. Any advice on using what I have, and whether the next version up will make it easy? Thank you