Doorway disappears when adding pony wall railing to stairs


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I am having trouble filling in the side of my stairs, which protrude into an open doorway.  As you can see from the photo labeled "Plan 1", I have a 12' doorway leading into my family room from the entry foyer.  You can see that the stairs are open on the living room side.

I then created a railing for the stairs, with a pony wall underneath to follow the stairs, per the instructions in one of your videos.  After creating the rail and supporting wall and putting it into its proper place, the stairs and railings looked great, but my 12' doorway seems to have disappeared.  See the photo labeled "Plan 2".  All that is left of it is a 12" section abutting the front wall of the house.  The "doorway" section above the open doorway has disappeared, along with all of the molding that would be associated with a doorway.

The photo labeled "Actual" is a picture of the actual room and the result I am trying to achieve.  Is there a workaround for this problem?  Am I using the wrong method to achieve the result I want?  A zipped file of my actual Plan is also attached.


I am using Home Designer Pro 2021, just in case it doesn't appear with my request.

Plan 1.jpg

Plan 2.jpg


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Delete the doorway.

Break the wall where you want the railing and change it to railing follow stairs.

Use Transform/Replicate to move that railing out into the room away from the stair.

Mark it No Room Definition.

Draw in a regular wall to fill the gap, and replace the doorway.

Use transform/Replicate to move the railing back into the opening.



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