Specify a fence as a chain link

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Hello,  Here we are back with an issue that some hours of research and tinkering has not been able to solve.  Here is a straight line fence following exactly the procedure on https://www.homedesignersoftware.com/support/article/KB-01204.  That would be specifying the fence as a chain link fence under newels and balusters. There are no videos I have been able to find on YouTube or other sources that specify fence specification to this level. No adjustments in any of the fence inputs makes any difference.   Other than starting from scratch and drawing the fence first, I am out of ideas. Any suggestions appreciated. 

Michael Lowery 

Colorado Springs, CO


Specify Fence as a chain link.JPG

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Thanks, I started several new fences on the same terrain, set up exactly like your video, no change in outcome.  Not a critical drawing, just a reference for the retaining wall contractors.   Have several theories but no time at the moment.   Thanks again,.  M.  Will post if found. 


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