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Hi all,

I am  importing  a location plan  ordnance survey 1:1250 dwg file 

It is 1:1  I want to draw over the top of the existing.  I thought that I would just be able to draw with wall tool  but the scale is total out between  the import and drawing tool , I have tried setting the right scale on sheets size but to no avail 

can any one help. Please 

 I know I can import pdf and trace over top 

but would like to use dwg file 



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Natively in AutoCAD and similarly, in Chief Premier & HD Pro, the plan view drawing scale is 1' = 1' or 1mm = 1mm. One can export directly from a plan view at the native scale of 1" = 1" but both Chief/Home Designer & AutoCAD can also export at a paper scale. In AutoCAD, you have what is called "Paper Space" where drawings are laid out for printing to a piece of paper. In Chief Premier/Home Designer you have a ".layout" file for the purpose of scaling drawings to fit on a piece of paper.


What I wish to point out is that exports from AutoCAD et al can be at "Real-World Scale" (1' = 1' ) or that same drawing could have been exported/shared from a layout file or Paper Space and thus arrive to you at an unknown scaling.


Wo what I do in such a case is to import the drawing. Then using Chief's/Home Designer's dimension tools to check the accuracy of the imported drawing. If too small you marquee-select the drawing import and then carefully calculate, based upon your measurements how much larger the drawing must be "resized" and then apply that "resize" factor to up-size the selected drawing using the "Transform-Replicate" dialog tool - "Resize" input box. Then by trial and error, checking your results each time with dimension tools until you get the proper scale applied to the imported drawing from AutoCAD.



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HI David Thank you for you time and responce ,

I have managed to do the above now, its  all about knowing where to look for the right tool within the software .

 Just a quick question do you know a work round to bring a external door Frame to the out side brickwork on cavity brickwork ,

so that would be 100mm brick x cavity fill 100mm x block 100mm

Regards Dave 

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