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    Print quality

    Can you tell me why live view detriates when you send to layout ? I want the quality of live view printed to layout and then to pdf . the same quality if you do a screen shot and send to pdf I think this is a fundamental necessity for the hole process to be able to print off acceptable drawings ! even if you set to plot options the there is still a lack of defined lines ,clarity Regards Dave
  2. DaveHicky

    Print quality

    Print Quality if I print layout save pdf quality is very poor if I screen shot and save to pdf on my Mac it’s ok first one print to layout \ pdf others screen shot to pdf P Mellor Proposed Amended test .pdf mellor view 1 pdf.pdf Rear Elevation pdf.pdf Rear Elevation pdf.pdf
  3. DaveHicky

    Sloping brickwork ( dental work)

    Hi Eric, Thank you for your time, If I go into the roof plan specification , materials , facia, alter materials and replace the image file. with angled brick would that work , just trying to find or create a image , not sure how to do it Regards Dave
  4. DaveHicky

    Sloping brickwork ( dental work)

    Hello . Home designer Pro 21. Is there away to placing brick on edge up a gable end. I am not having much Look . you can not angel soffit tool! Will altering the material in roof facia work? I don't no how to alter material image angle yet ! Thank you in anticipation