Creating Dual Hinged Doors

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Hi, trying to create dual hinged doors for a closet and don't see any option other than single hinged. Something like the picture below but each door would only be about 18" wide. This seems like a pretty standard type so I must be missing something. Any help is appreciated.







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26 minutes ago, AQSCI10 said:

and don't see any option


Look again ...


You might search Help for something like double door.

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Bifold doesnt work. I checked the help and the only two references to double doors (that aren't related to cabinets) are in Door Specifications:




And Door Tools:



So they reference them but nowhere can I see how to create them. Maybe my version (Home Designer Pro) lacks this option but this seems like a simple thing that would be used often???


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Many times, people just need to look.


Not giving you a hard time, but often the tool or option will be right there in front of you.



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