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 Can you tell me why live view detriates when you send to layout ?
I want the quality of live view  printed to layout and then to pdf .
 the same quality if you do a screen shot and send to pdf 
 I think this is a fundamental necessity  for the hole process to be able to print off acceptable drawings !
 even if you set to plot options the there is still a lack of defined lines ,clarity
Regards Dave 

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Print quality is controlled by how you send your images to layout before printing. Vector View plan and camera views produce the sharpest  images and lines. All the other camera types use Pixels and are thus the tend to "pixelate" when printed depending upon the resolution that you choose to send them to layout. For Cabinet Elevations, Exterior Elevations and details, I always use Vector view or Plot Lines settings before sending to layout for printing. Anything else, in terms of Construction Documentation is a waste of time. I use 3D view ONLY for design clients and NEVER or almost never for CD's as 3D views can and are often misunderstood by building professionals who are used to crisp-clear-easy to read 2D views and dimensions.



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