Adding shelves to a niche.

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As part of a bathroom remodeling project, I have used a niche to create a tiled shelf space. Part of the design is to divide the niche with metal or glass shelves within the niche. How can the niche be divided to show a shelf of 3/8" thick shelves or have a shelf inserted into it?


I attempted to use multiple niches stacked together, but they do not group close enough to create the 3/8" shelf. The niche does not have casing, so wall tile comes up to the edge and will be wrapped into the niche sides and back. The smallest abutment was 1 1/2" thick. See attached picture.


I also used an architectural block to create the shelf, but could not insert the block into the niche, even when the shelf is smaller than the width of the niche. See attached picture.


Any suggestions?

Bathroom Shelf Niche.jpg

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Make your shelf sized to fit, material correct, bump it against the wall, center on niche.


Transform/Replicate to move it into the niche.

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