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I am trying to draw this front elevation but can not figure out how to put the roof  and roof pitches together. I would be willing to pay for a good start to this plan. Attached are images I was able to pull off of Bing. If you go to Bing maps birds eye view, you can see the roof lines. The address I used was 837 Windstone Blvd Bentwood, TN. I like this front elevation but where this garage is I want to design it to have a play room and then attached 5 car garage. Please see my attached drawing for reference.  Notice my front gables are not as high as the ones scene in the photos not sure how to recreate.  Any help is appreciated.


833 windstonre b.JPG

833 windstone a.JPG

my drawing.JPG



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On 11/30/2020 at 4:33 PM, DavidJPotter said:

I charge $75.00 per hour for one on one help with Home Designer and Chief Architect software. Let me know if you wish my help please.



i only charge  $74,95/hr ! 

just joking David, i have learned much from your youtube vids, Solvers too

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