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With default settings, the program turns on the nearest 20 lights (nearest to the camera), but I think it starts with the lights in the same room as the camera. So if you have a room divider that can affect the result.


If you want to take full control of lighting for renderings, you should open the lights dialog (I think it’s under 3D in lighting) where you can start by turning all lights off then only turn on the ones you want.


At the top of that dialog you can see the setting showing that it only uses 20 lights. You can either crank that up or check the box below which causes it to use every light in the plan that you’ve turned on. Make sure your turn off unneeded lights before engaging that setting or else you will be waiting a very long time while it calculates lighting and shadows for potentially every light in your plan at once.


Also, this assumes you’re using HD Pro. I’m not sure what features the lesser versions have.

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I have the same problem - it's typical Home Designer Pro crap. I've been using this for years - I keep upgrading - but it's not worth it. You'll just be told you need to upgrade to Chief. Also I just upgraded to 2021, it wasn't an issue in 2019 - you could manipulate the lighting easier. Going to switch to Rev.

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