Moldings do not show on soffits


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First of all, I am using Home Designer Architectural 2015. Yes, I know, but I lost my job this year and can't afford the upgrade. 


Second, I have watched and watched and watched the 11:02 video on using moldings instead of soffits (????). I cannot figure out what he's trying to do, and he never shows the crown molding complete in the final room. I cannot use the example file he provided in the post as it was created in a newer version than I have. I watched the tutorial video but it did not answer my question. I have searched and searched the help documents but they are not helpful. 


OK, so I have a vaulted ceiling that I created using two soffits, as described in the help and manuals. I cannot get the crown molding to show, no matter what I select. 

Here is what I'm trying to create: 



Here's what my model shows:



Here's the Molding definition of either soffit. I have tried offsets of various heights, from 3" to -3", both from bottom and from top, and still nothing. I pan up to see the top of the soffit, and the molding doesn't appear there either. 



What am I missing? the help says that if I attach a soffit to a wall, it will take the molding pattern of the wall. These are attached to my room walls where the crown molding definition is set. I have an additional soffit for the beam across the living room and ITS crown molding is showing fine. I have attached a zipped version of my model file. 


Thank you,


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