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After spending a week trying to figure this out, I thought I would ask for some help please.


I would like to put room divider to define my hall as it has a different floor and ceiling finish to the connecting room.  No matter what I try it will not connect from the corner of the wall to the other corner.  If I bring it forward (even just a touch) into the hall, it works fine, but then of course my floor and ceiling finish creep into the hall as opposed to being flush with the connecting room.


I have searched and searched, tried to change layers etc etc.


I would be so grateful if someone could please point me in the right direction.


Many thanks in advance!




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I am a bit embarrassed as there are so many mistakes in the plan that I cant figure out!!  Lucky I'm not building the place only doing 3D visualization for a friend.  I've only been using the program for a few months so I know I have a huge amount to learn!!


Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated !!



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