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I can't find our last thread from just a few hours ago.  Anyhow, I have upgraded from pro 2020 to 2021 to be able to print a large home in 1/4 scale on a 24 x 26.  I believe I was limited to 18 x 24 in 2020 which I couldn't fit the large home on in 1/4 scale.  Anyhow, how do I now change my layout settings to show a 24 x 36?  I believe the 18 x 24 is still displayed on the layout.  Do I just click and drag the lines out to resize or is there somewhere I can select a 24 x 36 option for the layout.  I do see in export PDF where I can enlarge the print size but I am looking for the working layout page to be larger.

Long Leaf Main Floor.pdf

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