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  1. I am trying to add an insulation pattern to an exterior wall on a cross section merely to show that the home is insulated. Any suggestions on how to show the wall "filled" with an insulation like pattern in the cross section view? Can I apply this "fill" pattern while in the cross section camera?
  2. Help! I deleted the overall living area display and can't figure out how to turn it back on. I clicked on auto exterior hoping it would pop up but it hasn't. Also, Is there a way to turn on auto interior in Pro 2021?
  3. Wondering how I can make the upper portion of gabled wall pulled forward flush with the eaves?
  5. Foundations3D

    Eave returns

    How can I make the eaves return? I see the option to box but am not wanting the block look
  6. Any suggestions for decorative crossheads over windows and stones framing the arch top of a window, preferably with a keystone? I am using a mantel top but not able to modify degree of arch like I can on a window by choosing the arch style and height. Is there a catalog maybe? Something I can manipulate more? I tried adding a lintel but it doesn't let me set the material to stone.
  7. I can't find our last thread from just a few hours ago. Anyhow, I have upgraded from pro 2020 to 2021 to be able to print a large home in 1/4 scale on a 24 x 26. I believe I was limited to 18 x 24 in 2020 which I couldn't fit the large home on in 1/4 scale. Anyhow, how do I now change my layout settings to show a 24 x 36? I believe the 18 x 24 is still displayed on the layout. Do I just click and drag the lines out to resize or is there somewhere I can select a 24 x 36 option for the layout. I do see in export PDF where I can enlarge the print size but I am looking for the working layout page to be larger. Long Leaf Main Floor.pdf
  8. Wonderful! Will this upgrade affect my current plan? Other than a few changes to windows and doors, the plan is done and I am nervous about doing any software changes right now. Also, is there a cost to upgrade to 2021?
  9. I have a large home I am trying to print in 1/4 scale in pro but the home is not fitting on the 18 x 24 layout. Can I access a traditional 2' x 3' layout so that I can fit the home on a print in 1/4 scale?
  10. I have millwork columns drawn on my deck and porch but they do not appear in the cross section view. I have checked display and millwork is checked. Is there another tool I should be using for them to appear? They do appear in the elevation views
  11. I have created elevation views and added markers, text, boxes, lines, etc. Is there a way to save the view with all the add-ons for future modifications? I am afraid to close the elevation windows that have all the dimensions and notations I have added!!