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  1. I am using Home Designer Pro 2022 and have a finished plan that my client is wondering if I can convert or somehow export to a CAD file so that their landscape designer can build on using CAD. Is there a way to convert or export a plan file or perhaps the floorplans and/or elevation views to be used with CAD? Thanks, Katherine
  2. I am using Home Designer Pro 2022 and am wondering if there is a way to add auto exterior dimensions to an orthographic full overhead view of a home with roof planes using standard, vector or technical illustration rendering techniques? Also open to other ways to add dimensions to the aerial view of the home with solid roof planes shown. This is for landscaping purposes. Client will be adding an arbor, pond and other structural landscape features and would like to see the aerial view of the home exterior with exterior dimensions only to position the structural landscape features appropriately. File is too large to attach. Thanks!
  3. Thanks-I am also wondering if I can create a window schedule? List of window style and sizes used in the plan? I searched the forum for window schedule but didn't see anything. I did find a video on how to increase the layout sheet size under the print setting, took some dragging and resizing of the layout boxes but worked! Thanks
  4. I am using Home Designer Pro 2022 and am currently seeing a 18" x 24" layout sheet for prints. The home I am designing does not fit on this sheet at 1:4 scale. How can I increase the layout sheet size? Also, is there a way to have exterior dimensions from outside corner to center of window and door openings only and ignore interior walls? My plan is 32 MB and won't allow me to attach. Thanks! MARTIN FLOORPLAN FINAL.layout
  5. One more question, under dimension defaults, locate auto exterior, walls, what is the difference between surfaces and main layer only? Is it just filling in the exterior walls with shading for surfaces and the outline for main layer only?
  6. Under layer display options, does "walls, main layer only" specify the stud or drywall layer?
  7. I'm using Home Designer Pro 2022 and wondering how to get auto interior dimensions displayed using "outside" dimensions meaning stud to stud, not including wall board. I tried to attach the plan but it said it was over 14MB Thanks
  8. I am trying to add an insulation pattern to an exterior wall on a cross section merely to show that the home is insulated. Any suggestions on how to show the wall "filled" with an insulation like pattern in the cross section view? Can I apply this "fill" pattern while in the cross section camera?
  9. Help! I deleted the overall living area display and can't figure out how to turn it back on. I clicked on auto exterior hoping it would pop up but it hasn't. Also, Is there a way to turn on auto interior in Pro 2021?
  10. Wondering how I can make the upper portion of gabled wall pulled forward flush with the eaves?