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  1. Foundations3D


    I have millwork columns drawn on my deck and porch but they do not appear in the cross section view. I have checked display and millwork is checked. Is there another tool I should be using for them to appear? They do appear in the elevation views
  2. Foundations3D


    I have created elevation views and added markers, text, boxes, lines, etc. Is there a way to save the view with all the add-ons for future modifications? I am afraid to close the elevation windows that have all the dimensions and notations I have added!!
  3. Foundations3D

    Auto Interior Dimensions

    Display living area is turned on in default plan settings and plan check of foundation found no error. The living area is displaying on the main level but not the foundation/lower level
  4. Foundations3D

    Auto Interior Dimensions

    Good to know. That will save me a lot of time looking for a way to put them all in one PDF via HD! Not a big deal. I am now having trouble displaying the total living area again, this time in the foundation of the same home. There is over half of the lower level finished and living area is turned on in default settings. I also ran a plan check but still not appearing. Anything else I should try? The file is 18.6 mb but it is still telling me that the upload failed because the file is too big.
  5. Foundations3D

    Auto Interior Dimensions

    Total living area appeared after a plan check! Thanks so much for all your help Next up for me is sending all the floorplans and elevations to layout. I have already successfully sent the foundation plan but I am wondering if there is a video or tutorial you can recommend for creating multiple pages of layout that can all be opened as one PDF? Thanks again
  6. Foundations3D

    Auto Interior Dimensions

    Thanks all, I have located the interior dimensions in the toolbar customization and I can select it, but nothing happens. It is still not appearing under the measuring tools icon. I also tried double clicking and right clicking and still no change. I am able to right click on a room and then select auto interior interior dimensions which yes, gives me far too many dimensions and I have to delete most of them, but I use have also used this tool to also generate the overall interior living area, not just by room so I still don't have a calculated total interior living area. Is there a way to display that number?
  7. Foundations3D

    Auto Interior Dimensions

    I am not seeing an option for auto interior dimensions in Home Designer Pro 2020. Is there a key combination for this tool or a step by step tutorial? I have used it in other Home Designer products in the past. I am also looking for the square footage display which I believe showed up with the auto interior tool. Is there a way to calculate the "included" square footage in HD Pro 2020? Thanks
  8. Foundations3D

    Tray Ceiling

    Is there a tutorial for a tray ceiling in Home Designer Pro or does anyone have video/step by stop available for a tray ceiling? I found one for Premier but not in HD Pro.
  9. Foundations3D

    Copy plan

    How can I make a second copy of a plan including all floors, finishes, etc? I have a client wanting a similar home that I designed for another client. there will be some minor changes but not enough to redraw the entire plan.
  10. Foundations3D

    Missing attic wall

    That worked! Thanks so much
  11. Foundations3D

    Missing attic wall

    Why is the attic wall not showing up in the image and how do I make it appear?
  12. Foundations3D

    Missing attic wall

    I am missing an attic wall. I have drawn an exterior wall in the attic and labeled it as attic.
  13. Foundations3D

    Story Pole

    I am new to Home Designer Pro 2020 and would like to add "Story Pole" Dimensions to my exterior elevations but I do not see a tool for that. Am I missing this feature or how can I add vertical exterior dimensions, preferably generated by the software? Thanks!