Floor visible through wall

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I have drawn a bow window on ground floor and on the first floor. The floor section is transparent through the bay window wall and I cannot get rid of it. Please help with this issue.


Also I would like to extend the soffit all the way to the wall and I cannot figure out how this can be done. Please help as I have spent sever hours trying to figure it out.

Floor visible.png

ProbertRd121 Ext. Plan.plan

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For the Roof Eave soffit  there is a setting, in the roof plane specification dialog - Options Tab for "boxed Eaves", take a look please.


For the gaps in the first to second floor walls, It may be an incorrect setting in your plan file (without it to inspect, it is anyone's guess as to the actual cause. Such gaps can be manually repaired by manually closing those wall poly line gaps in a camera view but they are usually caused by an incorrect setting in the room dialog, Floor Defaults or the wall dialog.



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Thanks David. I did attach a plan file.see above.

I do have "boxed eaves" checked and that only draws about 225mm box and then the underside slopes along the rafter.

With regards to the floor gap, I would like to find the cause. Playback see the attached file above.

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