Roof Won't Auto Rebuild

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I've attached my plan.  I have auto-rebuild roofs enabled, but if I try moving any exterior wall, the roof doesn't rebuild.  Furthermore, if I delete the roof and manually select build roof (with or without auto-rebuild), it rebuilds the same roof that was deleted.  I can manually edit roof planes, but I'm really relying on starting from an auto-roof.


Does anyone know what's going on or how to fix it?  Hopefully I've just missed something obvious.




EDIT: I've partially solved the problem.  When using auto-rebuild, the option for "re-use existing roof baselines" can't be toggled.  I unchecked auto-rebuild and disabled "re-use existing roof baselines" and the new roof covered new portions of the house as it should, taking into account changes in the walls.  So if I manually rebuild the roof, I can make it work now.  However, I'm unable to make auto-roofs work properly.  It seems auto-roof insists on reusing an old roof base line.

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Do not check Make Roof Baseline Polylines unless you understand what that does.


Go to Edit>Delete Objects, select Roof Baseline Polylines and delete them.

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