Snap Setting Limitations in Architectural 2021

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Please see the attached image for differences between snap settings in Architectural vs pro 2021. 


Snap settings in Architectural allow for object, angle, and grid snaps. Snap settings in Pro allow for object, angle, grid, endpoint, midpoint, center, intersections, etc. 


  1. For anyone else using Architectural, do you find that the lack of snap settings is extremely limiting? I find that the display of snap shapes is essential do to any sort of accurate CAD drawing. I think the Features team should look into adding this for Architectural, as there is no good reason to disable this feature.
  2. RESOLVED (See Centerpoint.PNG) Using Architectural, can anybody explain to me how to make a perpendicular wall directly centered/equidistant? This is an easy thing to do in Pro with the midpoint snap, but not so much in Architectural.


Thank you

Snap Architectural vs Pro.PNG


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Have you tried the centering tool?

I just tried it now for the first time. I was unaware of this tool and it solved my problem in question 2. Thank you. 


Keith, do you think you could live without the snap settings that display visual snap shapes in Pro? 

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I don't base or design any of my plans on them and just have them on for convenience when needed. The grid snaps will pull objects to the line instead of them letting go to where you want to dimension them to.

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