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I am having trouble changing the color of my cabinets

I can easily pick the color but it will overlay the color on the existing wood grain and looks bad

I have tried every which way including eyedropper on the toe kick and changing the cabinet material to the color

no luck if anyone can advise I would appreciate it

Untitled 2.jpg

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You can often solve problems like this via the built in Help system.


Open it and search for "material eyedropper" (the name of the tool you are using).


You can change the color via the Materials tab when you open a cabinet too.

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I don't have those settings on my basic program for the spray bottle

I generally assume that the problem is with me and in this case I was right---

I found that if I went in to material definition tool, it was set on texture and all I had to do was change it to solid color

thank you for reviewing and answering -

have a good day and sorry for the initial pessimism!! 

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