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  1. I don't have those settings on my basic program for the spray bottle I generally assume that the problem is with me and in this case I was right--- I found that if I went in to material definition tool, it was set on texture and all I had to do was change it to solid color thank you for reviewing and answering - have a good day and sorry for the initial pessimism!!
  2. yes you would think so but tried both ways numerous times and it does not work I believe it is a program glitch with no possible resolution other than to rebuild the entire plan from scratch thanks for the reply
  3. home designer interiors 2016 I am having trouble changing the color of my cabinets I can easily pick the color but it will overlay the color on the existing wood grain and looks bad I have tried every which way including eyedropper on the toe kick and changing the cabinet material to the color no luck if anyone can advise I would appreciate it
  4. I am having trouble with a simple problem - I want to rotate a towel bar from horizontal to vertical (to simulate a grab bar) If I copy/paste the object in to a new folder in library and right click it does not give me the option to open it so I can rotate it Is there an easy work around using Interiors 2016? thanks
  5. does anyone know if it is possible to change the default setting of the camera view tool? each new camera I open starts with the "mouse orbit camera" and I would prefer the "mouse pan camera" as the default have looked in "default settings", "preferences", "view", and opened the camera itself with no luck
  6. If that is my only solution I think I'm sunk (old dog new tricks.........) thank you for the response
  7. thanks for the reply unfortunately not going to be able to pull it off with an inverted wedge -
  8. This project is an addition - the new structure ties in to the house adjacent to an area that has a vaulted ceiling (see attached). Since I want to leave the existing vaulted ceiling as is, I plan to "piggy back" the new roof over the old. The problem I am having is on the interior views. The existing vaulted ceiling is following the new roof line where they meet (see attached). How can I maintain the original roof vault when I add the new roof above? Thanks!!
  9. thanks guys the problem was indeed in the misalignment of the foundation and first floor plan. all better now- 'till next time over and out--------------
  10. working in Home Designer "Interiors" I can't figure out how this section of roof appeared but what is more important is I can't find a way to delete it!!! Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. I deduce that is was auto built - it only shows on the foundation plan and 3d views. I have tried deleting roof but when I rebuild the roof above it comes back. Thanks!!!
  11. I am working in Home Designer Interiors. This is a kitchen design project. I duplicated floor plan #1 via "save as" to make some minor changes to the lay out, call it plan #2 When I open a camera view on plan #1, there is good reflective light coming off of the ceiling and the rendered view is excellent. When I open a camera view plan #2, there is no reflective light coming off of the ceiling, and the quality of the rendered view is lower. There is no lighting fixture in either plan and I made no changes to default any settings as far as I know. I opened both cameras and the settings on them are identical. Any idea on how I can get the same reflective light on plan #2 as on plan#1? One would think that if the reflective light is on one plan, it could be on both, but I am at a loss------- thanks here is another view of the light source I can't control or identify