make a larger shed dormer


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How do you make a shed dormer larger? 


While in the full perspective camera view I added a dormer (automatically comes in as a gable), and changed it to shed.  At this point it is rather small, as you would expect from a gable.  I click on it and it presents a grey rectangle covering the extent of the shed dormer.  I can make it wider, but not taller.  What I want is shown in the first attached graphic, the grey rectangle in the second.  The adjust boxes on the left and right change the size, but the box along the bottom only changes the position, not the height.


What I would like is for the the top to follow the red line, but for the whole thing to be larger, so that the bottom follows the yellow line.  


I also tried changing the dormer in the plan -- there does not see to be a way to select the individual walls, and selecting the whole thing puts me right back to moving the whole thing.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks, Darlene


d_shed dormer needs to be larger.plan

editing shed dormer.jpg

need a bigger shed dormer.jpg

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