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  1. SuiteUser_d

    make a larger shed dormer

    THANK YOU, ERIC! You are a superhero! It worked perfectly. I would give this multiple upvotes if I could! Cheers, Darlene
  2. SuiteUser_d

    make a larger shed dormer

    How do you make a shed dormer larger? While in the full perspective camera view I added a dormer (automatically comes in as a gable), and changed it to shed. At this point it is rather small, as you would expect from a gable. I click on it and it presents a grey rectangle covering the extent of the shed dormer. I can make it wider, but not taller. What I want is shown in the first attached graphic, the grey rectangle in the second. The adjust boxes on the left and right change the size, but the box along the bottom only changes the position, not the height. What I would like is for the the top to follow the red line, but for the whole thing to be larger, so that the bottom follows the yellow line. I also tried changing the dormer in the plan -- there does not see to be a way to select the individual walls, and selecting the whole thing puts me right back to moving the whole thing. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Darlene d_shed dormer needs to be larger.plan
  3. SuiteUser_d

    two stories with roof starting at first story

    Hi Eric, Thanks. As I was positioning doors and windows sometimes the exterior wall would move -- clearly, I didn't get them back quite right. I will work on that. Amazing how the different software packages produce different results. I believe I used an earlier version of the software back in 2003 -- that two story part was an addition -- originally the one-story roof line extended all the way over. I didn't have this problem then, go figure. What you show in the second drawing is nearly exactly right -- and it may be exactly right; I can 't quite tell from that perspective. The 8-pitch roof cuts off to keep an even eave along the edge of the one story roof until it is even with the eave of the 14-pitch roof. That is, there is a right angle at that corner when looked at from directly above. Tried to add in the lines in the graphic below; hope it makes sense. So, you think it is a glitch in the Home Designer Suite 2017? Do you have an opinion on whether there is a way to convince it to it as you have it -- a single elevation ridge from front to back on the 14-pitch part? Thanks so much! d
  4. SuiteUser_d

    two stories with roof starting at first story

    Eric -- yes, and I'm nearly there. I have this weird peak in the back end of my gable.... I did as you suggested: defined the second floor room as 'Family', and changed the floor and ceiling height to 121 3/4" -- the same as the 'Floor Above (A)' value of the Garage and Utility rooms of the first floor. And it is nearly right. For some reason there is this weird raised area in the rear. Any ideas? Thanks! d_needs_help 2.plan
  5. SuiteUser_d

    two stories with roof starting at first story

    Hi Eric, Thanks for the tip on putting the software in the signature block (I did). I've been fumbling around with the help, and even went to some of the suggested YouTube videos -- but I still couldn't solve it, thus the query here on the forum. Hopefully someone out there will say, 'That's easy -- do THIS'. Fingers crossed, at least! d
  6. My house has three sections: a two story section with an 8-pitch roof running n-s, a one story section with an 8-pitch roof running n-s, and a two story section with a 14-pitch roof running e-w, with the additional complication that the roof starts at the first story. I've managed to create the two 8-pitch sections as I like, and have the 14-pitch section in place, but the roof starts at the top of the second floor, and I can't seem to convey to Home Designer Suite 2017 that it should start at the top of the first floor. I'm attaching a picture of what I've got, annotated with what I want, and a copy of my plan. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Darlene d_needs_help.plan