Porch Messing up exterior wall


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I built a porch off a garage side door by specifying a porch room with gabled roof line and then making the wall invisible.   This approach seems to have worked OK but the porch room is changing the siding around in a strange way.  See below.


Suddenly there is green siding in mysterious places around the porch.


What did I do wrong?



PSB Design #2.plan

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Your defaults for walls and wall materials are not set correctly so the software is filling in what it thinks should be there.


An easy fix is to use the Material Eyedropper and paint the green siding to match the other.

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6 minutes ago, bixelps said:

How can I learn to correctly set my defaults?


Offhand I can't point you to anything specific, but it's covered in the documentation. There is a tutorial linked under the Help menu, and links to PDF format Reference and User guides as well. The hour long getting started webinars posted on the Chief Architect YouTube channel are also good resources.


You want to try and set all the defaults you can before starting the plan as this will generally result in a better model with fewer problems.


Wall defaults can be frustrating as you think everything is set and still the program is using the wrong wall type or materials.


Once you think things are set, I like to create a simple test model to see how things are working.

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