Deck Railing not connected to wall?


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I have a plan with a deck.  I used deck railings which formed a room and my deck appears.  But by moving on of the railings slightly the deck room (and deck) dissappears.


Very frustrating for a new user like me so I am hoping someone here can clue me in.


Below the deck looks good.



But if I move the railing one foot in the upper left the whole room becomes undefined.



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This is almost always a problem with one or more walls marked No Room Definition.


Notice there is no room definition in the space to the right of the hi-lighted wall.


The program has a rather annoying habit of auto generating walls and marking them No Room Def. 


See the selected wall in the image. You also have some wall alignment issues -- the top one is obvious, the lower one the walls do not align vertically.



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