Non-standard countertop thickness = floating undermount sink?


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I changed thickness of a countertop from 1-1/2" (default) down to 3/4", and now undermount sinks appear to be floating 3/4" below the bottom of the countertop.

Thinking this was just a regen bug, I tried building a new cabinet and changing countertop thickness to 3/4" BEFORE placing an undermount sink, but alas I get the same result.


Are all undermount sinks placed 1-1/2" below countertop surface, regardless of the countertop thickness?

The air-gap in 3D views is unsightly, and I'm wondering if there's a way to fix this...



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I didn't change the height of the countertop - I changed its thickness.


Regardless, I'd like to try changing sink height, but am not able to find where that parameter gets entered.

There does not seem to be a control for sink height when I open the base cabinet, and the sink does not seem to have any controls of its own when dropped into a cabinet.


I suppose I could drop it into the plan as a freestanding object, and then copy it over the existing sink opening above the sink that's too low, but that's not so elegant ;-)


What am I missing?



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Thanks Eric!

I guess I wasn't missing something then, and was on the right track then with my remark about dropping it in as a freestanding object first.  This seems like a non-intuitive brute force way to get the job done though.

Consider the user experience -- all I did was change my countertop thickness and suddenly there's a huge air gap, and the only way to fix it is to delete the sink that I carefully did size, placement and materials for, and drop in a new one and redo.  Like I say, not so elegant and they should fix it.


Now onto my next challenge -- how to make a cabinet tube light *NOT* follow the cathedral vault slope when placed under a wall cabinet...



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