Diificult to break line wall with the same length to have different exterior wall

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Hi Everyone , 


Good day to you all.


I had difficulties to break line wall  with the same length in each floor. My purpose is to have different exterior walls vertically from 1st, 2nd, 3rd and attic wall. However when i tried to view from cross section view i can do it. Unfortunately the result was not i was expected. The esterior walls seems wrong and blur when i saw in perspective view.


Is there any tips or i was done it with wrong methods.


Please advise and be gentle, since i only novice using walls and roof..  :rolleyes: I had attached screen captures and my plan as well.


Thank you in advance.


Cross Section View.png

Perspective View.png


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When you see this, it indicated you have more than one wall in the same space.




If this is just for decoration, you might consider using a Custom Backsplash instead of changing the wall.

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