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  1. Hi DJP, Thanks for the advices ,, well noted . Just wanted to share my experiences after several times occur .. it seems my mac performance was OK while during edititng rendering building .. However the performance processor became high when it involves rendering interior and applying fixtures in the building and outside as well.. It didn't too much in RAM utilization ,, . So could be my processor not sufficient to run all process rendering exterior , interior , fixtures ,etc .. And what i had to do is to avoid rendering to much for interior and applying fixtures as well.. -ANG-
  2. Hi Everyone, Does anyone have had any experience encounter this issue enclosed? I had received lately while changing wall material for bricks. Is it software issue or compatibility to render material ? And it caused HDPro 2020 crashed. Kindly advise .. Thank you in advance. Cheers
  3. Noted, Thanks eric. The link will help Regards
  4. Hi Eric, Thank you for prompt reply. Unfortunately i hadn't found it , although thru search it. I wonder why or i just dunnno know where it is. Regards
  5. Good Day to you all, Hi everyone. I have experience in finding button "Convert Polyline" edit tools as it now showing in my toolbar. Where could i find it ? Please advise. Thank you in advance. Regards
  6. Hi Dear Everyone, I was trying to improve quality of my work into pictures & videos. However the quality of the picture from ray trace was not as i was expected. My purpose is to update my social media account of my design. My questions are : How can i input background view ? And was there any specification file size or type? How to improve ray trace in HD Pro, is there any links or quick tips for these? How to maximize the quality picture of my work ? Should i use other 3rd party software? Any advise and suggestion would be appreciate. Thanks in advance. -Ang-
  7. Hi Eric, Well noted. Will try it. Thanks for the advise -Ang-
  8. Hi Everyone , Good day to you all. I had difficulties to break line wall with the same length in each floor. My purpose is to have different exterior walls vertically from 1st, 2nd, 3rd and attic wall. However when i tried to view from cross section view i can do it. Unfortunately the result was not i was expected. The esterior walls seems wrong and blur when i saw in perspective view. Is there any tips or i was done it with wrong methods. Please advise and be gentle, since i only novice using walls and roof.. I had attached screen captures and my plan as well. Thank you in advance. -Ang- Style
  9. Hi , good day everyone !! Currently i interested learning designing a flat roof. So i browse looking for videos, but i only found 1. My question are ? Can it be done using HD Pro 2020 Is there any simple step or simple guidance tutorial to make a flat roof. I'm still novice in creating a roof . Please be gentle.. . Thank you in advance, any share thoughts would be appreciated. -Ang-
  10. Hi Eric, David and everyone, Thanks for the responsed and guidances. Fortunately i've succeeded built railing with open room below. Enclosed is the screen capture. And my conclusion regarding convert into polyline but this is only in my thought and experiment that, we can't create rounded polyline and had an open room below. i don't know whether this is a limitation software or i don't had the knowledge and experiences about converting polyline and configure it. Cheers Regards -Ang-
  11. Hi Jo_Ann and everyone, Thanks for the advise. However i still couldn't found menu converted into room from polyline. What i need to learn, is there any direction or guidance whether i drew ellipse then converted into polyline and having open room below. Please advise Regards -Ang-
  12. Hi Eric, Thanks for prompt responses. However still can't find open room below, in the taskbar below or right click either. Also can't find in open object. Please advise Thanks -Ang-
  13. Hi Everyone, I had a situation where i unable to open room below. I tried to learn to made ellipse railings above living room after i created made polyline (Pictures attached). I usually did open room below after i made room divider or after i made a staircase. Please advise whether any missing steps or misconfiguration to build it ? Thank you Regards -Ang-
  14. Hi Eric, Ah yes , apologize for these. Here it is. Regards -Ang- Style