Designing a Flat Roof

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Hi , good day everyone !!


Currently i interested learning designing a flat roof. So i browse looking for videos, but i only found 1. My question are ?

  1. Can it be done using HD Pro 2020
  2. Is there any simple step or simple guidance tutorial to make a flat roof. I'm still novice in creating a roof . Please be gentle..  :) .  

Thank you in advance, any share thoughts would be appreciated. :)



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If all roofs are to be flat, then set the Global "pitch" setting in the "Build Roof Dialog" to "zero inches" or something virtually flat like "1/16" in 12 or 1/4" in 12" ("Flat Roof systems still need to drain to their eaves don't they?). If you wish a Parapet wall around your "roof", then you create a second floor to emulate the roof, setting the "Ceiling Height for the second floor the intended height of the parapet wall. Check "No Ceiling or Roof over this room" for the "Roof Room", setting the "Floor Material" of the second-floor room to some appropriate material setting like "Asphalt" from the "Roadways" material choices. You are trying to emulate a flat roof, you say what it is to communicate your intentions to other building professionals.


Help Articles at the Knowledge Base:



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